3D animation

The footage shown above are part of a proposal for a video ident, the branding is removed. The mix between the 3D elements and the 2D footage require a certain technique called ‘camera mapping’. Also advanced render techniques like ‘global illumination’ and ‘ambient occlusion’ are important to get the shadows, light and reflection right. The sound design is done with Logic Pro.
Tools used: Cinema4D, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

Though i’ve gone a bit further with the second animation. The render was done in 6 passes, some of them you can see below. I also added a perspective view, to show how i sort of did the image mapping.

In the compositing stage i added some extra visual “glare”, using Optical Flares by Andrew Kramer.
A rather strange approach to create this, you might think, but when it comes to creativity there are no rules… Better… there’s only one rule: get the job done.
Used Tools:

– Maxon Cinema4D

– Adobe Illustrator

– Adobe After Effects

– Optical Flares by Andrew Kramer

– Apple Logic Pro