Introducing Tommy Rombouts

Tommy Rombouts grew up, works and lives in the area between Brussels and Amsterdam. Son of a true craftsman, Tommy picked up the passion to create things. Stepped in the world of music production when the transition from analog to digital producton just got started end eighties.
With the introduction of the multimedia pc and the Internet, in the nineties, he’s interests cause to move in a lot of directions. Working with other artists, experiments with early Internet technology, pioneering with streaming media, bringing visuals in the game, connecting MIDI, OSC, Kinect, 3D modelling en 3D printing,… Entered the millenium as freelance creative professional, creating audio visual content.
Teased with the unstoppable desire “to know” the past, present and future. Loves to teach and share the knowledge.

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About Cinerex (end 90ties)

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