Concept: 3D printed model-kit
[beginrw /][sixcl] The brief: Create a gift in a giftbox. The gift needs to contain a miniature version of a custom made bus, Not intended for mass production, but more or less around 50 unique pieces should be made. We had the idea to create a giftbox with a “model-kit for assembly” type of thing. The minibus parts would be presented in a way it is often done with scale models. All parts connected in one bigger part, ready for break out and assembly. We considered a 3D printed solution. Another way to go was using the “mold and casting” technique, also in that case we would need a prototype or master. Soon i realized during the design process that i faced the following 3D print / design challenges: [/sixcl][sixcl] 1. make parts thin enough so they hold, but can break with a slight turn. 2. make the parts so they can be assembled, with a simple “press-and-fit”, and don’t fall apart. 3. is there a way we can stack the model-kit frame so we can produce more in one print run? In the first print run we failed at challenge 1 and 3. Challenge 2 was a succes! I used little ribbons on the parts to create just enough friction so the parts can hold when you “press-and-fit” the parts during assembly. Challenge 1 we can fix, it’s a matter of adjusting the thickness of the design. Challenge 3 needs a solution, stacking the design is no option, the model becomes to complicated and needs to many supports. [/sixcl][endrw /] IMG_3699 edit IMG_3704 edit IMG_3716 edit IMG_3717 edit