iPad – OSC – Resolume
[ylwm_vimeo width=”720″ height=”405″]22041029[/ylwm_vimeo] [beginrw /] [sixcl] These days i’m on the look out for good straight forward tools to bring good looking presentations. Touch OSC is a tool that enables the iPad to function as a remote control for tools like Logic, Ableton,… It works with the Open Sound Control Protocol. Resolume 3 supports the OSC protocol (check the manual, somewhere at the end…) [/sixcl] [sixcl] So i got started… before i realized i was working on a Resolume remote for iPad! I created something basic to start, 3 rows to select audio and/or video clips, a rotary knob to control the speed, faders to control the opacity. [/sixcl] [endrw /] [ylwm_vimeo width=”720″ height=”405″]22030165[/ylwm_vimeo] RemoteiPad-01-1024x576 RemoteiPad-02-1024x576 RemoteiPad03-1024x576 RemoteiPad-04-1024x576

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