Motion graphics, video editing, sound design
[ylwm_vimeo width=”720″ height=”405″]42968708[/ylwm_vimeo] [beginrw /] [sixcl] GLEAM produces realistic simulations of the global spread of infectious diseases. It integrates three layers: real-world data on the global population; real-world data on the mobility of this population; an individual based stochastic mathematical model of the infection dynamics. Read more about the organisation and their tools at This time luck was on our side, Gleam produces great looking visuals (and got recognized for it by many, such as Wired). [/sixcl] [sixcl] In combination with good copywriting this was a great jump start for the video production process. We choose to fill in the blanks with stock footage. To complete the video we added voice-over and sound design. – Motion graphics – Video editing – Voice-over – Sound mix [/sixcl] [endrw /] Gleamgrab04 Gleamgrab02 Gleamgrab01 Gleamgrab05