3D modelling & illustration
TomyTones TomyTones [beginrw /] [sixcl] That night TomyTones dreams of distant islands… An illustration exercise with multiple challenges, such as finding the right balance between the size of the character and the surrounding objects and not to forget choosing the point of view to create the right impact. I got inspired by the historic train, “The Coronation Scot”. [/sixcl] [sixcl] TomyTones is my very own creative lab to try out different techniques such as 3D, animation, 3D printing,… take a look at TomyTones.com for more TomyTones adventures Used tools: – Maxon Cinema4D – Adobe Illustrator, AfterEffects, Photoshop [/sixcl] [endrw /] TomyTones TomyTones TomyTones TomyTones