Animation & Infographics
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Polar Circles untaps human potential with Expeditions, Expositions, Keynote Speeches, Corporate Conferences, Polar Guiding To enrich their motivational speeches i created 4 animation clips. The clips set the mood and inform the audience in a fun way about the next topic that will come up, during the speeches. Inserting short animation clips are very effective in breaking the “Power Point Modus”. [/sixcl] [sixcl] By using the same “look and feel” (from the animation) in the presentation slides, the audience will experience the complete speech much more like a smooth multi(ple) media experience. In this version we can hear a Dutch voice-over, whilst the text in the visual is English, a way to deal with multiple languages (typical for European events). Main tools used: Maxon Cinema4D Adobe After Effects Apple Logic Studio [/sixcl] [endrw /] [beginrw /] [sixcl] PolarCircles_001 PolarCircles_003 PolarCircles_007 PolarCircles_009 [/sixcl] [sixcl] PolarCircles_002 PolarCircles_006 PolarCircles_008 PolarCircles_010 [/sixcl] [endrw /]