Archive 2016: App Development for more comfort on stage

Unity and iOS

Recently we succesfully used our first custom made application live on stage.
The goal:

  • adding more interactivity on stage and at the same time improving comfort for the speaker on stage
  • creating a simple to use tool, to practice and understand the scenario, the entire flow of the event or conference (who or what is happening on stage before or after my presentation?,… i have a video, will it work?,… etc…)

Continuous Innovation to Create
Through the Build- Measure- Learn feedback loop an more experimantation in the future we want to build and add features as it scales (the principles from Lean StartUp by Eric Reis). More functionalities in the pipeline:

  • media pool, better workflow for last minute slide / content updates
  • speaker / user preferences, mute content
  • multiple screen configurations showcontrol/preview screen and program/live
  • connectivity with protocols like OSC, MIDI,..