Using EMU-Systems and Nordlead

Archive 2001: Cinerex single release Twist and Starts

Twist and Starts is a single coming from the Album CX. 
The expectation was that this was going to be a a down-tempo albumLeaving the trip-hop era, pushing us in the genre called “loungemusic”. We didn’t feel good about that. We didn’t want to make dance music, we didn’t want to make down tempo music and we didn’t want to make hip hop either. The year is 1999 (the release date was later), under influence of the sound of N.E.R.D. and Timbaland. 
The first building blocks for this song came from a drum pattern, recorded on multitrack software (without MIDI) Samplitude. The main sound source was EMU-Planet Phatt and Clavia Nordlead, not the Korg that is used in the video clip.

E-mu Systems came to prominence in the early 1980s with their relatively affordable Emulator sampler, and subsequently pioneered sample-based synthesis technology with the Proteus range. The Planet Phatt was part of that range (1997). Unlike the true synthesiser, sample-based equipment does not derive its raw sounds from electronic oscillators but from recorded sounds held in read-only memory (ROM) chips. These sounds may then be layered, filtered, modulated by low frequency oscillation and shaped by envelopes. However, unlike a true sampler, such devices do not allow the user to record sounds but instead offer a range of factory sounds suitable for any given use. This type of sound production dominated electronic music production for several years in the late 20th century. The synthesizer does have 8 MB ROM contains 480 samples coded at 16 bits at 39 kHz frequency rate. Some names stands out like Roland TB303, Moog Minimoog bass, Wurlitzer piano, YamahaDX7, Prophet 5 and boom-kit Roland TR808.