Archive 2003: Single release: Cinerex – Feeling Fine

Some creations have multiple lives. The song “Feeling Fine” is an example of that. The original version is very laidback, minimal and with lot’s of detail. This song came to live in the year 2000. We were discovering the music from d’Angelo, the laidback sound, the way Quest Love was adding the percussion and drums. Sometimes we just ended up all night listening, analysing and debating about music, without recording or editing any of our own songs. Perhaps the evolution from being a solo-producer to becoming a band. 

The second version became a single release in 2003 and is more aggressive and uptempo. No surprise, because this version came to live after going live with the band.
Working in team is a challenge and is something you have to learn. This was sometimes very painful and hard, nevertheless the lessons learned in that period still resonate in how I work in team today.