Archive 2018: Interactive installation

How research turns into practice

Job description:

We need a playful interactive installation to inform visitors at an exhibition about certain molecule structures. Make use of existing furniture and displays. The installation or game needs to be ready for interaction at all times. Recognize and reset to start when the attendee wants to play.

Invest time in experiments

It’s always good to invest time in experiments, sooner or later they will pay off. For this installation, I could fall back on two experiments I did in the past. The first one was a game inspired by the eighties videogame “Pong”, and in the second experiment, I took it a bit further and used a Kinect sensor to control the game. 

Only a few adjustments and tweaks were needed to make it work for this installation.
One hidden challenge was making the installation work seamlessly on different displays with different specs.


  • 3D modeling
  • Motion graphics
  • Game development, C#, Unity
  • Kinect