Archive 2018: Bassline synth modulation in Virtual Reality

Creating music software for VR

Life long learning is paramount, and with every little bit of knowledge we gain, extra new questions and challenges come up.
After the drum sequencer, it was time to move on and try to build new features:

Recording musical notes by triggering chromatic keypads on a grid.

Use both controllers to adjust synth modulation parameters like:
– Cut off frequency
– Resonance
– Decay
– Envelope modulation
– Using sound synthesis no sound samples

Lately, I’m fascinated by the various designs of User Interfaces in VR. Tilt Brush by Google is a good example of that.
Virtual Reality is still relatively new and claiming to be a UI design expert for virtual reality is ridiculously naive. I still have a long way to go before I can say that I can understand the almost endless possibilities of UI design in VR.
With the rise of plenty of music software, more and more artists prefer to use external controllers (often piano keyboard on a computer). These controllers allow you to use both hands when playing the virtual software. This is exactly what I also wanted to achieve during this test case in Virtual Reality. Being able to modify the sound, trigger and adjust different parameters with both hands at the same time.