Tommy Rombouts

Tech-no-logy artist
Audiovisual content creator connecting old and new technologies. On a mission to push music culture forward.

Archive 2020: Contactless interface with Intel depth sensor, OSC and Native Instruments

Working with depth sensor , Touchdesigner, Osculator and Maschine

  • TouchDesigner
  • Intel sensor
  • Maschine
  • Music production
  • Native Instruments
  • OSC
Creative moments at home! Building and experimenting with a contactless interface, using Intel depth sensor, OSC(Osculator), Maschine by NativeInstruments and Touchdesigner. 

You can integrate TouchDesigner as an element of larger creative pipelines. Create interactive pieces using native support for the latest hardware devices like Kinect Azure, Realsense, ZED, Vive, Oculus, laser controllers, LIDAR and multi-touch screens.