Archive 2017: Music in Virtual Reality

Unity, iOS and Card Board

As a Tech Artist, you often need to learn by doing, trial and error is the only way for me to get anywhere, stubbornly banging my head against the wall until it works.
Step by step, drip by drip, I’m carving my path by focusing on what matters, not what’s on everybody’s mind. Because by the time you try to chase the urgent thing, it’s too late.
Sounddesign in VR space was the next logical step, after my first results in the 360 world (read more about it some of my previous articles).
This project is about creating a music application in VR space, to find out more about the unique characteristics and creative possibilities in VR.

Project Scope

– keeping music parts in sync with each other without MIDI (based on timing and sound sample rate)

– place the sounds on objects in VR space, does what I see, match with what I hear?

– look at the behavior of visual animation speed vs audio response time

– try traditional mixing techniques (dynamics, grouping,….), does it add extra value?

Keep in mind that I’m not a gadget freak, at this moment I’m still using only the cheap Google Cardboard. I don’t feel like investing in costly technology before I know it is feasible to do so in our business.