Archive 2015: Video mapping and stage design

Barco XHD and Agora X

The brief was to design, create and bring content to live on stage.
Create spectacular moments to announce speakers and introduce key messages.
Limited by the constraints of a physical stage, and the fact that it still is a corporate event (read: a lot of presentations) we decided to use the video mapping technique.
A cost-effective way, to create visual impact.
3 projectors and a Barco XHD Media Server (XHD-400 Series) with the X-agora software (from Moment Factory) are used for mapping video to the decorative elements on the stage. Short sequences of video animations, synchronized with music, played out on cue.

We choose to create more abstract and communicative content. A mix of colors and key messages, custom made for the event. A lot of budget went into the content creation, the animations. Sensory pleasures to make sure that the audience never has to look at an empty stage.
Preparation is important.
After the approval of our mood boards, we started doing a test on a 1/20 scale model. (see images below) This gave us proper visual feedback on the impact and was very helpful to decide what could work.