Archive 2017: Video mapping on dining table(s)


Somehow there seems to be a law, that when you create content for video mapping you have to go for the 3D look, and design in 3D.
I completely disagree with that and when they asked me to step into this project I saw an opportunity to prove my point.
At first, glance when this project was handed over to me, most of the design work seem to be done. The previous designer was loyal to the “3D law”, and invested a lot of time in creating 3D animation and smooth animation transitions, making it very predictable and feeling slow.

The brief was simple: make it work.
So my challenge was “how can I make this fresh and surprising, with a minimum of effort” (very short deadline).
I choose to get rid of all the typical 3D animations and replace them with 2D footage.
The total length of the animations stayed somewhat the same, it felt much shorter.
Make it more surprising by working with timed animations and rhythm.
To speed up the workflow I did most animations only with splines in 2D in Cinema4D with the Sketch and Toon renderer. No keyframes where needed speeding up the workflow quite a bit.