Archive 2019: VR and Paper UI

Controlling external sources with MIDI and OSC
The research continues with more testing of different approaches to immersing with the environment.
The scope of this test:
  • using paper UI with VR controllers (without HMD)
  • using different input methods in real-time
  • using MIDI signals
  • transmitting and receiving OSC data between applications
  • using Windows (VR) and MacOS (LogicPro X)
In this test  the VR controllers and paper UI are triggering external music software, Apple Logic Pro X and receiving MIDI signals from traditional hardware, Nordlead , Focusrite.
In VR , the headsets and the sticks or remotes you hold in your hands become positional devices that the game needs to be aware of. 
In this case if the application knows the position of the keyboard, the application can calculate the position of the paper UI.
The UI triggers transmit OSC data over ethernet. The receiver is in this case, Logic Pro X on a Mac Book Pro. The MIDI keyboard is also connected, via Focusrite soundcard, with Logic Pro X.
This way we have a mix off different input methods, all functioning real-time, with minimal latency.